At the beginning of 1970 Ferdinando Grana built up FIMAP producing pipes and fittings of PVC, PE and steel (stainless-, carbon-, and galvanized steel) for wells, for geothermal applications, drainage and consolidation.

The experience gained and the adoption of always more advanced technologies during the last 50 years, enabled the Company to give effective and timely responses to the customers. It may be said that the continuous necessity to satisfy new and different requirements , has been the initial reason for the development of the Company.

The production, in origin concentrated only on the production of pipes and filters of iron and of PVC for small and medium diameters. By now, production has been extended to other sectors, such as:

  • galvanized pipes and filters
  • pipes with flange for lifting of water
  • pipes and filters of steel with a longitudinal and spiral welding
  • pipes and filters of stainless steel
  • PVC valve pipes for cement- based injections and pipes for tie- rods in bars of different lengths , even over 50 meters
  • Pipes of PEHD

the Company has an extensive structure of more than 10000 square meters and is owner of two manufacturing plants in Italy.

In June 2014 Fimap was taken over by the Group LARETER SPA, leader in the production of PVC and polyethylene pipes . Fimap Technologies Srl had been build up in order to consolidate and implement the results already achieved, thus proposing Fimap on its target markets.

the credibility and professionalism of Fimap Technologies are underlined by the certification ISO 9001:2015, in recognition of consistent quality and credibility of the wide experience gained in its core sectors.

Certification Fimap 2020

Ethical Code

Organizational Model 231 – Summary for stakeholders